About HuaYang

As one of the leading GMP certified enterprises in China, we focus on providing those who are engaged in stockbreeding and aquaculture with our best products and services that empower them to keep their animals healthy. We find ways to fulfill customers’ expectations and add value with every customer engagement. We are committed to improve the health of animals.

We Are HuaYang

Wuhan Huayang Animal Health Group, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Jinxinnong Feed Co., LTD (stock code: 002548), which is a group enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. The Group consists of 8 companies, which are engaged in research, development, production, sales and trade of animal medicines, feed additives and other animal health products in the areas of livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture, pets, etc., and in breeding management services, animal disease monitoring and diagnosis services and breeding IOT technology. 

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Culture & Values

Animal health --- that’s what we at HuaYang are all about. We devote ourselves to animal health care for over 20 years. We believe healthy animals are the key to solve some of the most pressing issues in the world.

  • Kindness

  • Action

  • Learning

  • Success

Technical Strength

Our research team is constituted by more than 30 experienced scientists and experts with doctor's and master’s degree. we have obtained 20 Invention Patents, including 1 Japanese Invention Patent and 1 European Invention Patent, and more than 25 Utility Model Patents.

Our People

We are an enterprise of purpose-driven people. We advocate for our customers and uphold HuaYang core culture and values. At HuaYang, to provide customers with high-quality, high cost-effective products, with excellent, efficient, and innovative services is everyone’s responsibility.

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