Technical Strength

The strength of HuaYang technology center is powerful. Our research team is constituted by more than 30 experienced scientists and experts with doctor's and master’s degree. From 2002 to the present, we have obtained 20 Invention Patents, including 1 Japanese Invention Patent and 1 European Invention Patent, and more than 25 Utility Model Patents.

Technology Center

As one of the leading provincial-level technology centers in this field, we devote ourselves in technical improvement and new product development. Through continuous technology development and innovation, 9 of our scientific research achievements have been appraised by Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, 1 of our veterinary drugs had been registered as second-class new veterinary drug in China.

Leading Through Innovation

HuaYang’s research, development process, innovative service and data-driven insights give HuaYang the ability to create solutions to the most significant animal health challenges.

Quality Control

At HuaYang, the production process is always managed strictly according to GMP standards. We have established a complete quality control system according to GMP standards, monitoring all the production process from raw materials to the finished products. We make sure that non-standard products will not be manufactured, sub-quality products will not be allowed to the market.