Our Culture & Core Values

Kindness, action, learning, and success are the tenet of the core values. We build our inclusive, purpose-driven culture on these core values.

Core Values

We drive compatibility, responsibility, innovation, and leadership through our employees, who can act in accordance with these core values. We believe these values are the key to manage our career.

  • Kindness

    Be kind to employees and customers, be grateful to society.

  • Action

    Calling for efficient actions, actions speak louder than words.

  • Learning

    Learning for practice and exploring the source of innovation to provide customers with services.

  • Success

    Customers and employees achieve success, HuaYang achieves success.

Our Development Concepts

We take “Great Virtue, To survive, Innovation, and Far-reaching results” as our development concepts. Our aim is to build a century-old brand and an everlasting enterprise. To fulfill our aim, we must be broad-minded, have a strong sense of responsibility, and stand at the top of this field, we need to be innovating constantly and strive continuously.

Our Vision

In accordance with the guideline of “being truthful and practical, being truthful in speech and firm in action”, taking “everything for healthy breeding” as the enterprise mission, the Group is determined to become the most outstanding promoter of food safety, and the most excellent provider of the platforms for customers’ and employees’ development. Managing our own career with the highest standards, we are committed to be an outstanding promoter on food safety, an excellent provider for our customers, and a promising platform for our staffs. We combine our core guideline and values with decades of scientific innovation to make a difference to society.